9 reasons supporting the choice of Kontekst HR International Group

1. We run innovating training and consultancy projects
Our customers expect from our company unconventional solutions, which will bring positive change in their organizations

2. We have a complex offer.

Our support for customers we perceive in the broad context of management of a company. We offer system solutions instead of single, casual action 

3. We are flexible
We understand that in the modern world the ability to adapt to customer needs and expectations is the key success factor. We can be very flexible. We know how to induce that time and money don’t spoil fruitful cooperation.
4. We have a stable group of consultants.

Kontekst HR International Group doesn’t employ “free lancers”. We are not anonymous. We guarantee the quality of each consultant.

5. We are in various sectors of the market.
We perceive our strength in possibility of cooperation with customers from various sectors of the market. It supports our development and broadening our experience.

6. We are practicians.
In our opinion it decides about efficiency of training and consultancy. By such an approach we can share with our customers with all the knowledge and know-how gained during work experience and cooperation with customers in various sectors of the market.

7. We constantly develop tools and know-how.
The success of research, consultancy and training projects very often depends on proper usage of modern management methods and tools. That’s why we constantly develop our know-how and improve the research, consulting and training tools.

8. We are set on long term cooperation with our customers.
Such an approach allows to deliver a very much tailored service. Having the opportunity to know philosophy of customers’ operations, we can offer nonstandard solutions. We take care of our customers. Next to paid service our customers get the possibility to take part in free of charge consultancy.

9. We do not sell at any price.