The target of training delivered by Kontekst HR International Group is to develop practical knowledge of participants. Training methods used by our company allow the participants of courses to apply acquired competencies straight away after returning to the company.

We offer 6 areas of training:

  • Context of  leadership,
  • Context of management,
  • Context of coaching and training,
  • Context of a team,
  • Context of  sales, customer service and negotiations,
  • Context of a project management,
  • Context of personal effectiveness.

Detailed description of above fields are available on

During training sessions we bring into practice interactive techniques, which allow fully utilize experience of participants and improve their practical skills. Our training method is being constantly developed, and improved. Every training session is precisely profiled for organization and participants expectations and needs. If there is such a customer need, we can measure the training effectiveness on a level of: participants reaction, knowledge and skills in a training room or working environment conditions. We offer Return of Investment (ROI) measurement concerning training sessions conducted for a given customer.