While running consulting projects Kontekst HR International uses the 3-stage model of Gerard Egan. We cooperate with a stable team of practicians, who gained their experience while working on managers positions in well known Polish and International companies.

In the scope of consulting area our specialists support customers in a preparation stage and the further introduction of HRM processes such as:

  • Audits of HRM systems,
  • Recruitment process,
  • Performance appraisals system,
  • Motivation systems,
  • Competencies models,
  • Job descriptions,
  • Carrier and succession planning, talent management programmes,
  • Retention programmes,
  • Transition programmes,
  • Training systems,
  • Internal PR supporting HRM process.

Going along with consultancy, we also offer:

  • 360° degree evaluation,
  • Assessment Centre,
  • Development Centre,
  • Employee satisfaction and opinion surveys,

In consulting projects we use Success Insight method and two Kontekst HR author’s methods: Competencies Gap Measurement and Triangle of Managers Competencies.